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Preparing for your CLEP Exams with

Brought to you by Traditional schools often have dual-enrollment courses that allow students to earn credit for college classes in high school. These courses take a lot of work and preparation for students and teachers. As homeschool families, we have an incredible alternative with College Level Examination Program. Find out how to prepare and pass CLEP exams by using’s CLEP Product.

CLEP Overview

CLEP is a program which allows students to earn college credit by taking Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) to test their level of understanding of a certain subject area. Passing these exams gives students college credit. CLEP saves families money and time since the exams cost much less than traditional college course work and replaces a semester course.

Benefits of’s CLEP Product


Using to prepare for CLEP exams was the best choice our family could have made. One of the best things about the program is the way it differentiates for different types of learners. Test prep courses through are self-paced, so depending on your student’s level of understanding, they can go as fast or as slow as needed. I love how the lessons are broken down by weeks, so we used it in our homeschool plans. For a few lessons, however, my child picked up the pace because he was motivated to finish and felt he already knew the material well. For others, he was able to slow it down and watch videos to clarify information.


We really enjoyed how the videos use simple animations and clear examples to help the material make sense. Since the concepts all align with the test material, my child watched the videos again and again to help prepare for the exam.

Text Transcripts

Watching videos to learn has always helped me, but my child appreciated the text transcript that comes with each video. After watching, he reviewed the transcript to take notes. This was incredibly helpful and doubly prepared him for his exam!


After each video, your child will take a quiz to make sure they understand and retain the video. We loved how immediate feedback was given so he knew what to review and work on before moving on to the next lessons.

Practice Tests

My child felt so prepared for the exam after taking practice tests with the CLEP product. After completing the practice exams, areas of strength and weakness are identified, so he knew what to focus on next.

Personalized Study

This was one of our favorite benefits of the CLEP product. A week-by-week personalized study plan is put together based on your child’s CLEP exam date. This helped my child prepare and be ready to pass with flying colors when the date arrived!’s CLEP Product was the right choice for our homeschool family to help my child prepare for his College Level Entrance Program exams. The money and time it saved our family by using the product will help my child start off with a bright future in his college studies.

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