Monday, December 4, 2017

Can I Really Homeschool My Child?

You’re thinking about homeschooling your children, but there’s that nagging fear in your brain. Do I have the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to teach? Can I really homeschool my child? Here are some things to consider when answering this question.

Openness to Learn New Things

No single teacher knows everything about anything. In fact, certified teachers will tell you that they are constantly learning, studying, and absorbing new information to share with their students. If you have a love of learning and are willing to seek out information alongside your child, you can homeschool your child.

Use Online Resources

Once your child gets past your current knowledge of the content area (and your capacity for obtaining the information without going back to school full time yourself), utilize (often free) online courses. No one is expecting you to master Calculus in order to teach your child, but Open Education resources like Khan Academy or MIT OpenCourseWare.

Teaching Methods

Certified teachers in a classroom full of students of varying levels must be well-versed in different learning styles and teaching methods. You just need to know what works for your kid. Do they learn better 1 on 1? Do they prefer lectures or hands-on learning? What are their strengths? Is your child an auditory learner that learns better when they hear things or a visual learner that needs to see the information presented? You know your child best. Tailor your teaching to find what fits them.

Positive Attitude

Not every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows but being able to see that good in your child and their learning experiences is pivotal in succeeding as a homeschool teacher. You’re both going to get frustrated at times, but this experience can be one that can bring you closer together. Think of your opportunities to learn together and tailor your curriculum to suit your child’s needs. Ask others to help you. There are other homeschool teachers who have been there, through the ups and downs.

If you’re struggling to decide whether or not you can homeschool your child, consider these factors. You are your child’s best resource, advocate, and cheerleader. You can do this if you’re willing to learn, be positive, and enlist the help of others both online and in person.

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