Monday, December 18, 2017

4 Ways to Save Money on Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be expensive if you let yourself get wrapped up in the latest curriculums, lots of tech tools, and outside of home programs. Fortunately, there are so many ways to save money for your homeschool without cutting the quality of your child’s education. Check out these 4 ways to save money on homeschooling. 

Free online materials. 

Just type free homeschooling curriculum into your search bar, and you’ll find pages of information. To sift through the good (and the not-so-good) stuff will take awhile, but if you find a few sites you trust, your sure to find content that won’t cost you a dime while still enriching your curriculum.


YouTube has a plethora of tutorial channels like Khan Academy that will help your children with everything from parts of speech to advanced math. Utilizing these tools is a win win. You save and have experts in content areas to help teach and support!

Take a field trip. 

Every state has frugal and free field trips. Many organizations also have trips designed especially for homeschool families and groups. Call or look online for museums in your area which often have daytime courses for homeschool children. Think outside the box and try a trip to the grocery store to study family consumer science, math, and spruce up culinary skills. Grocery stores and restaurants are also excellent places to practice etiquette.

Share with your homeschooling community. 

Reach out to local homeschool families or homeschoolers across the globe online. Why write or coordinate everything by yourself when you can divide and conquer? Share curriculum resources you have created or that you have distribution rights to and allow your community to do the same. Working together to form groups for field trips, discussions, and planning is one of the most cost-effective and fulfilling things you can do for your homeschool family!

The cost of homeschooling doesn’t have to break your family. Choosing the homeschool can be the right and financially responsible choice for the ones you love. Try these 4 ways to save money on homeschooling as you plan your year.

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