Monday, November 27, 2017

5 Things to Do Before You Start Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a personal decision for each family. Before you make the commitment to teach your children at home, make sure you are prepared with these 5 things to do before you start homeschooling.

Decide if homeschooling fits in the budget

Cost may not be the only factor in homeschooling your child, but it’s definitely part of the consideration. Typically, homeschooling families have a parent that stays at home or does not work daytime hours outside the home in order to teach their children. Many homeschool families do have home-based businesses that allow more flexibility in hours to teach children from home.

Homeschooling curriculums are available for little to no cost through the internet and other programs. However, you will want to consider equipment (such as a computer, desk, or other learning manipulatives or tools) to allow for your child to have the resources needed to homeschool.

Set a schedule

One of the joys of homeschooling is the flexibility to set your own hours for your child’s education. You will need to plan your own time to lesson plan or find resources. Your child can also be an integral part of planning not just to utilize time but to help them feel invested in their learning. Ask your child what they want to learn. Align your curriculum with their own learning goals, set up a schedule of classes (including exploratory options such as music or physical education) to help homeschool meet your child’s needs.

Figure our your own teaching approach

What kind of teacher are you? Do you see yourself as a lecturer, giving your child notes and presentations they sit and get? Maybe you take more of a hybrid approach of lecture then application of skills. Perhaps, you’re more of a guide or a coach, helping your student as they navigate the lessons independently.

No matter what your teaching strategies are, you need to look at how your child learns best. If your homeschooler is a visual learner, it may be best to utilize videos with your instruction. For auditory learners, they may benefit from lectures or audio recordings of texts. Kinesthetic learners will appreciate hands-on manipulatives or projects to help them demonstrate and explore their learning. 

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Find your tribe

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a solitary mission. Find homeschooling groups in your area and talk with others online who have been there. The support system in homeschools is strong. Find people who will be there with you through the ups and downs. Many groups have meet-ups which is an excellent way to help your child participate in socialization and collaboration opportunities.

Research your state laws

Know what you need to do in order for your homeschool to meet the requirements for high school graduation and attendance for students. Some states require certain subjects and testing while others are more lenient. You can review the homeschool laws in your state here.

The decision to homeschool might be the best one your family will ever make. However, these 5 things to before you start homeschooling will help your homeschooling family start strong.

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