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How to Homeschool When You Have a Full-time Job

Many homeschool families have the advantage of having at least one parent home during the day to focus on teaching the kids. However, what happens when both parents (or a single parent) has a full-time job? Should you give up on the idea of homeschooling or is there a way to make it work.

How to Homeschool When You Have a Full Time Job

Quick answer: there is a way to make it work. Here are a few tips for your consideration.

Tip #1: Work Opposite Shifts as Your Spouse

This may not be possible in every situation. However, if your place of employment (or your spouse’s) offers a variety of shifts, see if there is a way to work a shift that is opposite your spouse’s. For example, if your spouse works from 9am-5pm, see if you can work an evening or night shift. That way, at least one of you is at home during the day to take over homeschool duty. This also helps you to save money since you wouldn’t have to hire a babysitter or put your kids in daycare.

Tip #2: Plan Homeschool Around Your Work Schedule

The beautiful thing about homeschool is that you don’t have to follow a particular schedule. If you want to follow the public school schedule, you can. However, you can also get your homeschool work done early in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, spaced out throughout the day, or on the weekends. The flexibility makes it easier for you to figure out a schedule. If you work during the week, you can homeschool on the weekend. If you work at night, you can homeschool during the day. Or you can split it up so that you do a little homeschool before work and after you get off. It’s totally up to you!

Tip #3: Enlist Help

If you have friends, family, or fellow homeschoolers who are willing to help out – let them! There’s nothing wrong with asking someone else to oversee a few lessons when you need to work. Or to have them babysit and just make sure your child does their work. Identify the people that you can depend on and reach out to them to ask if they would be willing to help you sometimes. Also keep in mind that people who are helping you watch your kids don’t necessarily have to teach them. You may just need someone to watch them until you can get home to do so.

Tip #4: Focus on Independent Work

Depending on your child’s age, they may be able to do quite a bit of work on their own. Determine which aspects of their lessons they need your help with and then let them work on the rest on their own. For example, they may need you to go over the basics of a lesson and then look over their work when they finish. Once you know what you need to do, you can schedule in time to get it done before or after work.

Tip #5: Hire a Tutor

If you have the funds available, hiring a tutor may be an excellent option. That way, you know that your child is getting the help they need from someone who has experience teaching. You would still need to find time to follow up with the tutor concerning your child’s progress. Even if you only hire a tutor for the more complex topics, that is still a huge help.

Tip #6: Choose a Curriculum that Fits

A big part of homeschool is finding or creating the right curriculum. When it comes to balancing homeschool with a full-time job, finding the right curriculum is even more important. I think that it would be really helpful to find a done-for-you curriculum that takes away the stress of putting together your own curriculum (especially if you already have limited time). You could also consider video and online curricula that help you to teach the material.

Tip #7: Find a More Accommodating Job

This is another option that may not work for everyone, but that I felt should be mentioned. If homeschooling your children is a true passion or calling, but your current job will make it really stressful (or impossible) to make it work, consider finding a new job. If you find a job that has a better schedule, that could go a long way towards having a more enjoyable and successful homeschool experience.
These are just a few tips for making homeschool work when you have a full-time job. It may not be easy, but it can be done. Have any questions or concerns? I’d love to hear them. Just drop a note in the comments below.

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