Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wind Preschool Lesson Plans

Kite Art 
Supply the children with paper, glue and ribbon. Have the children cut and glue pieces of paper together and add ribbon to make a kite. This kite can be a very open ended art project, by not requiring the kite to be a specific shape, the children are free to make the kite however they wish. Have the children add a ribbon tail and hang the kites from the ceiling.

Would the Wind Blow It?
Set up a fan in your room to test if a variety of items could be blown by the wind. Before you try each item, have the children predict if the item will move in the wind. Try feathers, paper, paper balled up, blocks, plastic cars, dolls, leaves, plastic bags, and other items in your room.

Wind art:
Click here to see an example
You will need: watered down non-toxic paint, paper, pipettes and straws. Supply each child with a straw and a piece of paper. Allow the children to use the pipette (or medicine dropper NOT GLASS) to place a small amount of paint onto a piece of paper. Then, have them use the straw to blow the paint around their picture.

Wind Sock
Cut the bottom off a brown paper bag. Decorate and add streamers to the bottom. Hang from the ceiling or have the children try the wind sock outside or in front of a fan.

Bubbles in the Wind
On a windy day, blow bubbles. Ask the children why the bubbles are moving around so quickly. You can even have the wind blow the bubbles for you. Ask the children what is making the bubbles.

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