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Twos and Pairs Preschool Lesson Plans

Start with a discussion about things that come in pairs: socks, shoes, mittens, gloves, eyes, ears, legs, arms, hands, thumbs etc. 
You can have matching games where the children try to match socks, mittens, gloves etc using real apparel. 

Pairing Match Up 
There are many ways to set this up depending on the skill level or the particular skill you wish to work on. Try these different set ups: 
Cut out sock or mitten shapes from different colors of paper. Give each child one shape. Ask the children to find one person with the same color shape. Or use real socks or mittens. 
Or Give the children two pieces and have the children make a circle, with one child that has one match on one side and the other match on the other side. You may end up with 2 or more circles depending on how the pieces are distributed. 
Cut the shapes from one color of paper. Label one set of shapes with numbers, i.e. if you have 20 children, label the shapes with the numbers one to ten. The other half, draw one dot on one, two on another, and so on until ten. Give each child one shape and have them find the child with their match. 
Cut the shapes from one color of paper. Place matching stickers on two shapes. Give each child one shape and have them find the child with their match. 
Try all the above, but in a file folder format. Glue one part of the shape to the file folder and laminate it's match. 

Pair art:
Have the children make hand prints or foot print art. 

Butterfly Hand Art:
Have the children make butterfly hand prints by painting their palms with non-toxic paint then placing their two thumbs together and holding their fingers together and make a print. The fingers and palm will represent the wings and the thumbs will be the body... then have the children make two thumb prints for the top of the antennae. 
Have the children draw a person and point out all the things on the person that come in pairs. 
You could have the children make a funny face collage by cutting out facial features from magazines and gluing them onto a piece of paper. 

Color pairs...
Help the children discover that yellow and red make orange. Supply them with a small amount of red paint and a twice as much yellow to paint a picture. Try this with other colors. 
Any kids of sandwich is a good snack for pairs... a cracker sandwich has a cracker on the top and bottom. 

Eye dropper science:
Supply the children with a white egg carton. Fill half of the depressions in the containers with water. Then add a drop of red food coloring into one fo the depressions, follow with yellow and blue. Then supply the child with a plastic eye dropper or pipette. Instruct them on how to move the water from one depression to another. Ask them what colors they can make? Ask them how would they make green? Have them try it.

If you're happy and you know it. 
Words found here:
When you clap your hands count 1, 2.
when you stomp your feet count 1, 2
Then the last verse:
If you're happy and you know it count to two
1, 2 

The 2 times hat
Cut out many square pieces of construction paper. On each one write and action such as:
clap your hands,
stomp your feet,
say your name
touch your toes
Put these papers into a hat or box and during circle time have a child draw a paper, and read what it says. The child will then do that action two times. 
For older children you could show them how opposites are pairs... ie in, out up, down 
Say the poem one, two buckle your shoe 
Have the children pair up objects found in the classroom. Beads, bears, toys, trucks, etc. 

Pair art:
Have two children work on an art project together.

Inkblot art:
Fold a piece of paper in half. Have the children paint on half, then fold in half again so that you have two mirror images.

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