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Jungle Vines
Have the children create many different leaves and animals and hang them from brown yarn around the room to represent vines.

V Stamps
Let the children use V stamps or sponges to create an art project.

V Collage
Have the children cut the letter V from magazines and glue them onto a piece of paper.

V Collage
Cut out many W shapes from construction paper. Have the children cut vs of magazines and glue them to the letter.

Decorate a Letterclick here to see an image of this project- image submitted by Julia
Cut a v shape out of construction paper. Have the children decorate the v with glitter, paint, markers or other art materials.

Glue Letters
Place glue on a piece of paper in the shape of a v. Have the children place glitter, colored rice or koolaid on the glue.

Contact Paper Art
click here to see an image of this project
You will need an image of the letter v. Place the image on the table and place a piece of contact paper, sticky side up over the image. Supply the children with scraps of construction paper to tissue paper. Children use the scraps to create the image on the contact paper.

Letter Art
Place masking tape on a piece of finger painting paper to create the letter v. Allow the child to paint the picture. After the paint had dried remove the tape.

Cotton Letters
Place glue on a piece of paper in shape of a v. Have the children place cotton balls on the paper.

Letter Rubbings 
Cut the letter v from paper doilys or sandpaper. Tape these letters to the table. Have the children place a piece of thin white paper over the letters and rub a crayon over the letter.

Velvet v's
Cut a V shape out of construction paper. Have the children decorate the V with squares of velvet or Velcro.

Vehicle Painting
You can find already shaped sponges at most art and craft stores or you can make your own. Obtain sponges shaped as cars, buses, trains, airplanes etc. Have your child dip the sponges into paint and press on a piece of paper to create scene.

Vehicle Tire Prints
Click here to see an example.
In a pie tin, place 3 to 5 teaspoon sized portions of different colored tempera paint evenly spaced about the area. Supply the children with washable toy trucks, cars, airplanes or trains that have wheels that roll. Have the children dip the wheels in the paint and roll across the paper.

How Far will it Go
Place a play vehicle (car, train) at the top of a ramp and ask the children how far it will go. Record their answers with making tape with each child's name on it. If you do this on carpet first switch to a smooth surface and try it and vice versa. Try a different train or a car.

Sponge Violets
Talk about flower parts with your child. Supply your child with different violet shaped sponges, violet paint and a piece of paper, with lines drawn vertically on the paper. Ask your child to add the flowers with the sponges, as if the lines were stems.

Plant a Violet
Let your child help you plant your violets in the spring. Or let your child plant violet seeds for indoors. Make sure the plant receives the proper care so it will grow.

A flower song Written by Chicky
Sung to "The more we get together"
If I could be a flower
A flower, a flower
If I could be a flower, What kind would I be?
A daisy, a pansy, a tulip, a lilac,
If I could be a flower, I would be a violet.

Violets, Violets written by Chicky
Sung to "Frere Jaques"
Violets, Violets
Violets, violets
Here and there
We smell the purple flowers
We pick the pretty flowers
See them here
See them there

Show your child what violets look like. First precut 2 inch squares of purple tissue paper. Show your child how to twist the tissue around a pencil to create a blossom. Next put a little glue on the end of a Popsicle stick and show your child how to glue the tissue onto paper. Repeat as desired. Add stems and leaves with a pen or marker.

Paper Bag Vests
Take a paper bag, and cut a straight line in the middle of the front from the top to the bottom. The bottom of the bag will be the top of the vest. Cut out the neck and holes for your childs arms. Let your child decorate, and wear.

Vinegar and Eggs
Well we probably all have seen this at one time or another. Place a hard-boiled egg in a cup of vinegar, and see what happens. It bubbles. After one day, take out the egg, wipe it off with a paper towel and feel the egg. Ask your child questions about what you see and feel.

Vote and Graph it
Have the children vote for their favorite animal and graph the results. Which animals did most children like the best?

Items to Sort boxes of scrap materials - cloth, velvet, silk satin, cut into uniform size and shape. Children can sort the material by color or texture.

Velvet Sort
cut into uniform size and shape. Children can sort the material by color.

Violin and Viola Music
Find music that features a violin and/or viola. Have the children dance to the music.

Velcro Song Cube
You can make a cube from a cardboard box. Place Velcro on each side. Then write the names of songs you sing on pieces of paper, laminate them, then add Velcro. Place six songs on the cube. Have the children roll the cube and sing whatever song comes up on the cube.

Try both of the activities with actions. Jump 3 times, say your name, sit down, spin around 2x, etc.

Field Trip Ideas
Visit Veterinarian's Office
Have a Veterinarian visit your center

Pretend to be a Veterinarian 
Provide your children with stuffed dogs, play stethoscopes, and bandages for the children to play with.

Balloon Volleyball
Count how many times you and your child can tap a balloon before it touches the ground. If you have a stopwatch, time yourselves to see how long you can keep the balloon in the air.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cones
Precut circle and triangle shapes from cream colored construction paper. Have the children glue the shapes onto another piece of construction paper to make ice cream cones.

Ice Cream Chart 2
Cut circles from brown, white and pink paper. Ask each child whether they like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ice cream the best. Write the child's name on the corresponding color of circle. Have the child place the circle on a pre-made chart in the appropriate column.

Make Vanilla Ice Cream
Ingredients for two servings:
1/2 c milk (9white or chocolate)
1 T. sugar
1/4 t vanilla
Place all ingredients into a pint-sized Freezer baggie and seal. In a gallon size Freezer baggie fill 1/2 way with ice and add 6 T. of rock salt on top of ice Place pint size baggie inside gallon size baggie and seal tight! Have the children shake the bags. It will become a solid in about 4 minutes.

How many scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream?
Supply the children with 5 triangle shapes (cones) numbered one through five, then 15 different colored circles. Have the children place the appropriate number of scoops on each cone.

Vanilla Ice Cream Social
Invite the children and parents in for an ice cream social.

Vanilla Ice Cream Party
Supply the children with ice cream, whipped cream, syrups, food coloring, broken oreo cookies and other items that make ice cream fun. Help each child create his/her own sundae.

Veggies on a Vine
Have children cut out pictures of Veggies from a magazine. Have the children use a marker to draw a vine on their construction paper. Then have the children glue their veggies on the vine.

Veggies on a Vine
Talk about what kinds of vegetables grow on a vine.

Veggie Tray
Serve a variety of different veggies with your favorite dip, or a variety of different dips.

Vote and Graph it
Have the children vote for their favorite veggie and graph the results. Which veggie did most children like the best?

Volcano Fun
Place a small paper cup in a pie tin. Use playdough or clay around the cup to form a volcano. Place a tablespoon of baking soda in the cup, then let the children take turns adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the volcano.

A Vase for a florist
Supply your child with plastic flowers, or real ones, and a plastic vase. Have your child pretend to be a florist and have them arrange the flowers. You can pretend to go the the flower shop and buy the flowers. Or they can pretend to deliver them to you.

Have the children pretend to vacuum the floor. You can add a toy vacuum or a old dustbuster or bissel to the dramatic play area.

Watch a video

Create a video
Have the children create a video, they can sing their favorite songs or act out their favorite books. Then invite the parents to come in to view the video.

Art Viewing
Invite the parents to come in for a Art Viewing one night. Serve refreshments. Display the children's art like they would at an Art Show!