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The 60's Preschool Lesson Plans

Thanks to http://www.crazyfads.com/60s.htm for a list of great 60's fads.

American Bandstand - 
Have the children pretend to be an American Bandstand act and perform a show.

Lava Lamps -
Create your own Lava Lite. Directions here.

Play Twister 
A variation of the game. Only use the term "one foot" on (then the color you spun)

Motown Music
Listen to Motown Music and have the children dance.

Place a surfboard shaped piece of paper on the floor and have the children take turns pretending to surf to a grooving surfing song.

Dress Up Items
Bell bottom Pants
Mood Rings
White gloves
Platform Shoes
Nehru jackets
Klackers. Click Clacks, Klappers, Klik Klaks
Granny Glasses
Peasant skirts
Hippie beads
Granny dresses
Wide belts
Frilly shirts
eyeglasses with no lenses in them. 
Chunky shoes
Go-Go boots
Clunky wooden jewelry
Bright ties
A single strand of pearls

Flower Power
Try one of the flower ideas listed on the Flowers Page

The Beatles
Listen and dance to some of the Beatles songs.

Slogan Buttons
Give each child a circle shaped piece of paper to create their own slogan button.

Black Lights
Have a wear white day, use white crayons on different colors of paper, turn out the lights and turn on the black lights.

Older children can make macrame friendship bracelets.
Learn more about the how to here:

Sea Monkeys
Oh yeah... I had these when I was younger. How cute. Set up a brine shrimp tank in your room and let the children observe the little critters with a magnifying glass. 

Twist (dance) 
Play some great 60's music and encourage the children to do the twist.

Pop Art 
Show the children a variety of art from the 60's and have them immitate the artwork.

The Mickey Mouse Club Headbands
Measure your child's head, and cut a piece of black construction paper long enough to create a headband. Glue the paper together so the headband fits snugly on your child's head but is loose enough to take off easily. Have the child cut out two circle shapes for the ears, then glue them on to the headband.

Gum wrapper chain
Mimic a gum wrapper chain by making a paper chain.

Bouncy Ball Splat 
You will need various balls, a large box, paper and paint. Place a 
piece of paper in the bottom of the box. Let the children dip the balls 
in the paint and throw them into the box. When they are finished pull 
out the paper and allow to dry. 

Bouncy Ball Toss
Hold up a hula hoop and have the children throw a ball through it. 

Bouncy Ball Races
Have one ball for each child. Mark two lines one for the start and one for the finish. Have the children roll the ball using their nose to the finish line. 

Bouncy Ball Races 2
Have one ball for each child. Mark two lines one for the start and one for the finish. Have the children hold the ball in a spoon and race to the finish. If they drop the ball they must start over.

Bouncy Ball Art
First you need a large plastic container with a lid. (I used a shallow peanut butter container.) Next cut out paper that will fit in the lid of the container. Place a few drops of paint into the container with a few bouncy balls (be sure to observe carefully as marbles are a choking hazard) then place a very small amount of paint on the lid and pre-cut paper on the paint. (I use the paint to make the paper stick to the lid.) Place the lid on the container, flip and have the children shake. When finished, remove paper and allow to dry, and place a clean piece of paper in the lid for the next child.

Make psychedelic art with neon paints. Have the children splash the paint on the paper with the paint brush.

The space program
Try some of the activities on the Space Page

Beach parties/beach movies
Try some of the activities on the Beach Page.

Chinese fire drill
Set up chairs like they are car seats for as many children as there are in the class. Blow a whistle and have all the children get up and switch seats as quickly as they can. 

Serve Jello or Jello Jigglers.
Find Jello recipes here:

Smiley Face Art
Find smiley face stickers for the children to attach to a piece of paper. 

Smiley Face Art 2
Have the children paint a paper plate yellow. After the paint dries, the children can add two eyes and a mouth with a black marker.

Smiley Face Memory
Create a memory card set using different colored smiley face stickers. 

Smiley Face Sort
Attach smiley face stickers to square shaped card stock. Have the children sort the smiley face according to color or other features.

Create Tie Dyed shirts. 

Tie Dyed Flowers
Add 1/4 cup water to each compartment of a muffin tin. Add food coloring to each compartment. Fold a piece of paper towel in half several times. Dip the corners and edges into the water and let the paper take in the colored water. Repeat until most of the towel is colored. Unfold the towel and allow to dry. After the towel is dry, cut it out in the shape of a flower.

Supply the children with yo-yo's to play with.

Peace sign
Have the children color a peace sign. 

Scully (a game with bottle caps)

Barbie Dolls
Supply the children with Barbie Dolls to play with.

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