Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The 50's Preschool Lesson Plans

Thanks to http://www.crazyfads.com/50s.htm for the great 50's fads.

Bike Day
Have the children bring in their bike and add colored streamers on the bicycle handlebars and baseball cards in the bike's wheel spokes. The children can ride their bikes around in the play ground.

Dress up Ideas
Letter Sweaters
Blue suede loafers
Saddle Shoes
Beanies (cap)
Coonskin Caps
Creepers (shoes)
Poodle Skirts

Bunny Hop
Listen to the Bunny Hop and hop along to the song.

Sock Hops
Have a Sock Hop. Listen to 50's music and have the children dance around in their socks.

Provide the children Tupperware containers in the sand and water table or in the Dramatic Play area.

Listen to the songs of Elvis.

Toys to Add to the Classroom:
Silly Putty
Whiffle Balls
Hula Hoops
Mr. Potato Head

Lego Prints
In a pie tin, place 3 to 5 teaspoon sized portions of different colored tempera paint evenly spaced about the area. Supply the children with a variety of Duplo blocks to dip in the paint and press onto the paper to make prints.

Hula Hoop
Provide your children with hula hoops to play with.

Hula Hoop Hop
Place many hula hoops on the ground and have the children hop from one hula hoop to the next.

Hula Hoop Crawl
Tie a hula hoop from your swing set or from a tree low enough for the children to easily crawl through it.

Hula Hoop Toss
You need a hula hoop and some bean bags. You can either set up the hula hoop on it's side or on the ground. Have your child try to throw the bean bags into the hoop.

Jump in the Hoop
Set a few hula hoops on the floor. Play some music and have your child walk around the hula hoops. When the music stops, have them jump into a hoop. More than one child can be in a hoop.

Bazooka Joe
How to make the graph
Have the children vote on their favorite flavor of bubble gum. Create a graph.

Do the "Hokey Pokey"
Do the "Chicken Dance"

Ant Farms
Set up an ant farm for the children to examine. Supply the children with a magnifying glass.

Abstract expressionism
Show some examples of abstract expressionism. Have the children try to replicate the style. Jackson Pollack was an abstract expressionist painter. Have the children splash paint on paper with a paint brush.

Set up a dramatic play center like a Diner. Have the children pretend to be cooks, customers and wait staff.

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