Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pirate Preschool Lesson Plans

Walk the Plank
Provide the children with a board to walk along. Set the board flat on the floor and have the children take turns "walking" the plank. You can also provide different sized boards. Some boards will be easier to walk than others. 

Dramatic Play
The children can pretend to be pirates and walk the plank. visit website

The Hunt for Gold: 
You can buy plastic gold coins or just make some from yellow tag board. Hide them around the room and have the children hunt around the room for them.

Pot of Gold Toss 
Supply the children with yellow bean bags (gold) and a laundry basket, the pot and have them toss the gold into the treasure chest (basket).

Pot Of Gold
Supply the children with black construction paper pot shapes and cotton balls to glue near the top. Then add more glue and gold glitter.

Treasure Hunt 1 
Draw a simple map of your house. Hide a "treasure" somewhere in your house, something like a snack, or maybe a treasured toy. Explain the map to your child. Tell them where each room is. Next say there is a hidden treasure in the house, and the map is going to help them find it. Draw an X on the map where you have hidden the treasure. Help your child look for the treasure. 

Treasure Hunt 2 
Make a list of items you would like your child to find on a walk. Like a stick, leaf, fire hydrant, or blue car. Explain to your child that you are going on a treasure hunt and go over the list with your child. At first the items should be very easy to find.. and later can increase in difficulty. Go on the walk with the paper and mark of the items as your child finds them. This is really fun. Some more difficult ideas... Find an item that is: taller than you, can fit in your hand, is too heavy to lift, as long as your arm, is three different colors. Etc.

Who's Got the Gold
the children will sit in a circle One child sits in the middle with his/her eyes closed. The children in the circle pass around a gold coin while the child in the middle slowly counts to ten. All the children place their hands in their lap and pretend they have the coin. The child in the middle open his/her eyes and can guess up to three times, who has the gold. The child who had the coin gets to sit in the middle for the next game.

Port Side Pirates!
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