Gift Ideas:

Hand shaped flowers:
Have each child trace their hand onto a piece of paper. Then have the child cut it out. Obtain a picture of the child to place in the middle with glue. Have the child paint a pop-sicle stick green. When the stick is dry, glue or tape the hand shape on the stick to make hand shaped flowers.
Supply each child with a cup to decorate. Place a little bit of playdoh in the bottom of the cup and stick the flower in the cup.

Fun Frames
You will need six popsicle sticks, glue, decorations, two small magnets, construction paper and a picture of the child. Then you make a frame with four popsicle sticks. Lay two stick parallel to one another (stick 1 and 2) then complete the from with sticks 3 and 4. Then to make the picture stay in you will need to add stick 5 and 6 on the top and bottom of the frame. So you have sticks 3 and 4 (the sides) with a stick on the top in front, top in back, bottom in front and bottom in back. Follow? Connect these sticks with glue. When dry have the children decorate these sticks with paint, glue and glitter, macaroni, string, lace, puzzle pieces... whatever Let that dry. Cut a piece of paper to fit the back of the frame. Glue that on. Cut the picture to fit in the frame, and insert the picture. Then glue the magnets at the top and bottom of the back of the frame. Viola.. an awesome mothers day gift.

Hand Prints
Paint the child's hands, or feet with a paint brush and tempera (or non toxic) paint. Press onto a piece of paper. Write a cute poem or saying at the bottom. Like this one:
Sometimes you get discouraged
because I am so small
and always leave my finger prints
on furniture and walls

But every day I'm growing
I'll be grown someday
and all those tiny hand prints
will surely fade away

So here's a little hand print
just so you can recall
exactly how my fingers looked
when I was very small

Bath Salts
Last year my son's class collected baby food jars and filled it with bath salts and they decorated the lids with plastic flowers and ribbon.

Necklace for Mom:
Children can bead a necklace for mom with real beads and fishing line.

Make a card with:
Glitter Crayons Pens Colored Pencils Markers Paint
Lace String Yarn Ribbon Paper Doilies Tissue Paper
Torn Paper Heart Shaped Paper The Holes from a hole Punch
Stickers Sand Twine Old Puzzle Pieces Buttons Colored Glue
Colored Tape Chalk Wet Chalk Wrapping Paper Stamps Aluminum
Foil Heart Shaped Confetti Glue on Candy Confections Heart Shaped Sponge
Painting Pasta or rice colored with red food coloring

You could:
Make the Card Heart Shaped Cut the Edges with special scissors that have a funny shape. (If you have a pair you know what I'm talking about)
Make a Card Have pre-written poems for the children to glue on their Card, let the children choose the poem they like the best.
Make the card out of the paper doily, heart shaped. Let the children write a poem for the inside.
Let the children write a special message, or have the child tell you what to write.
Use bleeding tissue paper on white paper. Have the children place small pieces of tissue paper on the paper. Have them add water with a paint brush. Allow to dry, and peel off the paper.
Make Heart Shaped Cookies with a Sugar Cookie recipe.

Obtain small clay pots. Have the children decorate them with non toxic paint. When dry add dirt and flowers. The children will enjoy this one.

The Ultimate Paperweight:
Supply each child with some modeling clay. Let them shape it however they wish. Let them add marbles, buttons, glitter, sand, pebbles, string, whatever you can think of. After it dries it's a paperweight.

Arts And Crafts

Magazine Collage
Have the children cut out pictures of families in parents magazines. Have the children name the people in the picture, and label them.

A real family tree:
Have the children make a family tree with branches and glue. For the purpose of this try to get branches with y's and let the children pick the branch to write the names of their family members.


Animal Families:
Talk about animal families.. what do we call a baby chicken, baby dog and so on.

Create large and small animal shapes have the children sort or tell you which is bigger.

Mommy says:
Played like simon says.
Replace mommy with other family members.

Mother May I?
The old game, mother may I take three little steps forward?
Replace mother with other family members.

Sand and Water Table
Have the children bathe the dolls in the water table with soap and water.

Group Time

Talk about members in a family, father, mother, sister, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and more.

Family Songs

Love Song
by chicky-ma-ma
Love my Mommy,
Yes I do,
Love my Mommy,
Yes I do,
Love my Mommy,
Yes I do,
Love my Mommy,
And I love you!

Special Song
by chicky-ma-ma
sung to "Where is Thumbkin?"
Mommy is special,
Mommy is special,
Yes she is,
Yes she is,
Mommy is special,
Mommy is special,
Yes she is,
Yes she is.

Mother's Day Dinner:
The children help prepare a dinner for Mom on the Friday before Mother's Day. 1 cook free day is enough to make a mom smile. Dads and siblings are of coarse invited.

Are you my Mother?
Synopsis from
While his mother is off looking for food, a baby bird hatches from his egg. Embarking on a hilarious, at times very touching, hunt for his mother, the little bird encounters a variety of creatures. Full color.

Activity Ideas

Have parents bring in pictures of themselves. Ask the children to find the picture of their Mother, Father and other family members.

Family Portraits
Ask parents to bring in pictures of their families, or take pictures of the families at the center. You can place these on the walls at the children's eye level by covering them with contact paper. The children will really enjoy seeing their picture and pictures of others on the walls.

Are you my Mother? Game:
You can make or buy a game like Memory: mommies and babies. You can play like intended or just take five or so matched out an d give each child a baby and place the mommies on a table face down. Each time a child guesses which is the mommy to their card they say "Are you my Mother" and if the card is not the mother the child and other children can say "you are not my mother"

Are you my Mother? Game II:
Play this like doggie doggie where's your bone! Except you choose one child to be the baby bird in the middle and the child with a block or toy is the mommy. The Bird point to a child and asks "Are you my Mother?" the child answers "Yes" if they have the block or "No I am a ___" fill in the ___ with cat, dog, boat.. etc On the third guess if the child guess incorrectly the child should respond "I am a Snort" and everyone can point to the "Mother"