Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let's Pretend Preschool Lesson Plans

This page is all about the items you can provide for your children to allow them to learn while playing pretend.

House Painter 
Brushes, rollers, caps, hats, stir sticks, drop cloths, roller pans, pails, paint samples, smocks, and coveralls.

Paint a box 
Pretend that a box is a house, and you are the house painter, and paint the house.

Hats, hoses, maps, phone, fire hydrant, boots, coats, first aid kits, blankets and noisemakers.

Masks, coats, stethoscopes  medical supplies, charts, pens, film bottles, band aids, ace bandages, tongue depressors, and pretend head reflectors.

Beauty Shop 
Dolls, rollers, combs, brushes, clips, empty spray bottles, shampoo bottles, wigs, smocks, magazines, mirror, chairs, hair nets, and Popsicle sticks for nail files.

Post Office 
Cardboard mailbox, stamped envelopes, wagon, bag, stickers for stamps, used mail, file boxes, and junk mail.

Books, paper, pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers, pointer, chalkboard, a desk and workbooks.

Menus, place mats, silverware, order books, aprons, chef hats, pretend food, table, chairs, dishes, cups, napkins, money, register, and pens.

Cowboy and straw hats, boots, pails, plastic animals, plaid shirts, handkerchiefs, buckets, bonnets, rope, gloves, hoses, shovels, rakes, small trucks, and tractors.

Mexican Hat, tutu, cane, top hat, baton, wand, broom, dresses, scarves, ribbons, shoes (tap, ballet), slippers, gloves, play rose, music, hat, boas, ties, and belts.

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