Halloween Theme Goals:
Halloween Safety
Halloween is associated with spider, witches, goblins and ghosts.
Halloween is a day we dress up and go trick or treating.
Halloween can be scary and fun!!

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Theme books and ideas: Books to Read: Art

Pipe Cleaner Spiders
Provide the children with pipe cleaners to make spiders. Have the children twist the pipe cleaners together to form a body and legs.
Discuss how many legs a spider has.

Balloon Jack o Lanterns
Blow up an orange balloon and let the child use a black marker, stickers, or finger paint to create facial features. Ask the child how does the jack o lantern feel?

Paper Plate Jack o Lanterns
Have your child paint a paper plate orange. When dry, have the child glue on pieces of black construction paper for the facial features. These pieces may be cut with scissors or torn, depending on your child's ability level. For older children, try using glue to form the facial features and sprinkle glitter, or various items (i.e. buttons, beans, noodles, pebbles) on the glue.

Pumpkin Puppets
Each child should cut out a pumpkin shape from orange construction paper. Then either cut out facial features, or color them on with a black crayon. Paste to the bottom of a paper lunch bag. Then add a green construction paper stem.

Sponge Painted Ghosts
Cut out or buy ghost shaped sponges. You will need black construction paper and white tempera paint when showing the child how to dip the sponges in the paint and press on the paper to make ghost prints.

Spider Paper Plates
Use a smaller and larger paper plate to make these spiders. Staple the smaller plate onto the larger plate, as if the smaller plate will be the spider's head. Have the child paint both sides black. Then add black streamers for legs and white construction paper for eyes. Hang them from the ceiling.

Trick or Treat Bag
Have your child decorate a brown paper bag. They can make a pumpkin, a black cat, or a witch. Reinforce the bottom and add handles.

Tissue Ghosts
Supply each child with two pieces of tissue paper and a piece of string or yarn. Have each child ball up one of the tissues, then place it in the center of the second tissue. Next, have the child, or assist the child, in tying the yarn around the second tissue to hold the balled tissue within the second tissue. The child may use a marker to make eyes.

Pumpkin Seed Art
Collect pumpkin seeds from inside a pumpkin. Let them air dry and have the children use the pumpkin seeds to make a collage.

Pumpkin Seed Shakers
You need: dried pumpkin seeds from inside your pumpkin, two paper plates (for each child) and a stapler. Have the children put some seeds on one of the paper plates (bottom side down). Next, have them place the other plate on top of the first plate (bottom side up). Help the children staple their plates together with the seeds inside. Let the children paint, use markers or crayons to decorate their shakers.

Fingerprint Pumpkins
Have the children make orange fingerprints on a piece of paper. Use a non-toxic orange ink pad. Show the children how to use one finger at a time. Use a green pen to draw stems on the paper and draw vines to connect some of the pumpkins. (You can do this for younger children or have older children draw the vines and stems themselves.)

Fingerprint Spiders
Have the children use a black non-toxic ink pad to make fingerprints on a piece of paper. Have the children draw on eight legs on their fingerprints to represent spiders.

Spider Gum drops
Supply the children with large black gum drops and eight toothpicks per child. Have the children push the toothpicks in the gum drops to represent the spiders legs.

Witch Hat
Cut out triangular shapes from black material to represent a witch hat. Let the children decorate the hats with glitter and foil.

Broom Art
Supply the children with a broom, a large piece of butcher paper and some paint. Tape the paper on the floor and add the paint. Have the children use the broom to paint the paper. You may want to have the children take off shoes and socks, and roll up long pants... this is REALLY MESSY!!!

Halloween Prints
Obtain cookie cutters that are Halloween shaped. Have the children dip the cookie cutter in a shallow container of paint, then press onto a piece of paper to make prints.
Halloween Cookie Cutter Set


Spider Webbing
Provide children with a chair and some yarn or string. Ask them to create a spiders web by wrapping the string around the legs of the chair.

Witch Match
You may be able to find witch stickers or halloween stickers. Make sure that you have at least two identical sheets. Place two identical stickers on one index card. One on the left side and one on the right. Then cut the card in half in a funny shape. Follow with all the stickers. Then set out the cards and ask the child to pick out one, then find it's match. Next, place the cards together. My son loves this one!!!

Spider Legs
Draw eight different spiders on index cards. The spiders should be drawn with 1 to 8 legs. Ask your child to arrange the spiders according to how many legs the spiders have.

Spider Walk
Have the children do a spider walk, by placing their hands and feet on the floor and lifting their bottom off the floor.

Spider Walk Race
Have the children race each other while walking like a spider. Or try a relay race.

Pumpkin Science
What is inside a pumpkin? Let the children explore the insides of a pumpkin. It's a great sensory experience.

Pumpkin Seeds
Save the pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin. Boil 2 cups seeds in 1 quart water with 2 tbls salt for 10 minutes. Drain the seeds and toss them in 1 tblsp of butter. Spread the seeds on a baking pan, and bake for 30 minutes. Stir frequently.

Pumpkin Faces
Provide the children with many different pumpkin faces. Ask the children which pumpkin is happy? How does this pumpkin feel? How does that pumpkin make you feel?

Halloween Print Match Up
Obtain cookie cutters that are Halloween shaped. Dip each cookie cutter in a shallow container of paint, then press onto a piece of paper to make prints. Have the children match the cookie cutters to the shapes they made.
Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

Dramatic Play

Pretend to be a Spider
Have the children pretend to be a spider.

Pretend to be a Witch
Provide your children with brooms, stuffed black cats, hats, and a box for a brew bowl. Allow the children to have fun pretending to be a witch.

Halloween Dress Up
Supply your children with costumes to dress up (website) in. Have them dress up, then ask them what they are. Some of my favorites are dresses, side heeled shoes, scarves, plastic hats, sports jackets, and children's costumes.

Go Trick or Treating
Create an imaginary neighborhood for your child(ren) to trick or treat in. Have the children dress us in children's costumes and pretend to go trick or treating from house to house (pretend) and practice trick or treating. You can use boxes for the houses, or tape on the floor.

Group Time

Halloween Safety
Talk with the children about halloween safety rules. Ask your local police for a list of safety rules that you can send home to the parents.

Spider Watch
Place some real spiders in a clear container for the children to watch. Be sure to return them to their natural habitat.

5 little pumpkins finger play
Five little Pumpkins sitting on a gate
The First one said "Oh, my it's getting late!"
The Second one said "There are witches in the air!"
The Third one said "Well, we don't care!"
The Forth one said "We will run and run and run!"
The Fifth one said "We are ready for some fun!"
Whoooo oooo went the wind
And out went the light
and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

Variation of song above
by chicky-ma-ma
Five little witches stirring a Halloween brew
The First one said "There is nothing to do!"
The Second one said "Let's go out and have some fun!"
The Third one said "Halloween has begun!"
The Forth one said "Let's go out and "trick or treat"!"
The Fifth one said "We will get a lot of candy to eat!"
Whoooo oooo went the wind
And out went the light
and the five little witches flew out of sight!

Pumpkin Song
by chicky-ma-ma
sung to Have you ever seen a lassie?
If I could be a pumpkin,
a pumpkin, a pumpkin,
If I could be a pumpkin,
Which face would I have?
Sad or Happy
frightened or scary
If I could be a pumpkin,
I would scare you now.

Itsy Bitsy Spider
The itsy bitsy spider,
climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain,
and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun,
and dried up all the rain.
And the itsy bitsy spider,
went up the spout again.

Sing with a deep slow chanting voice. Make a big spider with your hands.
climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain,
and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun,
and dried up all the rain.
went up the spout again.

Sing with a very fast high chanting voice. Make a tiny spider with your hands.
The teeny weeny spider,
climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain,
and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun,
and dried up all the rain.
And the teeny weeny spider,
went up the spout again.

There's a Spider on the Floor by Raffi

Spider song
by chicky-ma-ma
Sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Spider, Spider
In the sky
Weaving your webs way up high
Catching bugs, and insects too
What a chore it is for you
Spider, Spider
In the sky
Weaving your webs way up high

10 little Witches
by chicky-ma-ma
sung to 10 little indians
1 little, 2 little, 3 little witches,
4 little, 5 little, 6 little witches,
7 little, 8 little, 9 little witches,
10 little witches in the sky!

10 little pumpkins
by chicky-ma-ma
sung to 10 little indians
1 little, 2 little, 3 little pumpkins,
4 little, 5 little, 6 little pumpkins,
7 little, 8 little, 9 little pumpkins,
10 little pumpkins for Halloween!

Where is pumpkin?
by chicky-ma-ma
Where is Pumpkin? Where is Pumpkin?
Here it is! Here it is!
This one has a happy face, This one has a scary face!
Roll away, Roll away!

You can provide the children with pumpkin puppets (see art project) or let them use their own that they made. Have each child say what kind of face their pumpkin has.

Pumpkin Man
by chicky-ma-ma
(sung to Yes I am the muffin man)
Yes I am the Pumpkin man,
the pumpkin man, the pumpkin man,
Yes I am the pumpkin man,
Who has a silly face.

Little Witch
by chicky-ma-ma
Sung to "I'm a little teapot"
I'm a little witch
All dressed in black
Here is my broom, Here is my cat
Halloween is my favorite night
I can dress up as a ghost in white

A Parent Letter
For those of you who are in the child care field... I believe that safety is very important. It is a great idea to send home a letter to the parents about Halloween safety. Also find out where parents can get their children's candy checked... a lot of police stations or volunteer groups do it for free. Remind the parent to make sure their children wear reflective clothing, and know that they should never enter someone's home.

Halloween Witches
written by chicky
Sung to I'm a Little Teapot
Halloween Witches here and there
Halloween witches everywhere
You better watch out!
You better beware!
Or they will give you a great, big, scare!

Pumpkin Poem
by chicky
My little pumpkin
is round not flat
And if you step on it
It will go ker-splat. (clap hands)

Trick or Treat Poem
By chicky
Ghosts and Goblins
Witches and more
Halloween fun
Knocking on the door
Knock Knock
"Trick or Treat

Halloween Cookies
Make Halloween shaped sugar cookies. Have the children decorate with colored frosting after baking.
Halloween Cookie Cutter Set