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Food Preschool Lesson Plans

Foods I like Collage
Obtain ads for local grocery stores and have the children cut out the items they like to glue on a plate.

Balanced Meals
Talk about what is on their plate, and the importance of balancing a meal. Obtain ads for local grocery stores and have the children cut out the items to create a balanced meal and glue them on a plate.

Food Sort
Have the children cut out items from a food ad and sort them according to food groups, grains, fruit, vegetables, meat and beans, and dairy. Divide a paper plate into five section. Have the children glue the items onto the plate each group getting it's own section.

Pineapples Grow Again
Cut off the top of a pineapple and pull off the three bottom rows of leaves. Let it dry out for three days, then plant it one inch deep in soil. Keep the soil moist and place in a sunny part of the room.

Carrot Tops
Cut off the tops of carrots and cut off all the leaves. Place the tops in a shallow flat dish filled with pebbles. Be sure the carrots always have water.

Same or different
On 3 by 5 cards draw two shapes, on some, make the shapes the same, on others make the shapes different. Have the children sort the cards into two piles, one where the shapes are the same, and one where they are different. 

Plant a garden indoors or outdoors

Foods in the Science Center
Taste different kinds of foods
Taste the same food before and after it is cooked
Grow carrot, beet, pineapple or onion tops by placing them in a shallow flat dish filled with pebbles.
Examine the seeds inside a fruit
Place fruits or veggies that have different textures in the science area with a magnifying glass.

Reading Material
Place flower magazines and seed catalogs in your reading center. 

Food Collages
Have the children create a collage with beans, colored rice, colored macaroni, Fruit Loops, Cheerios or broken eggshells.

Stringing Foods
Have the children string cheerios, Fruit Loops, or macaroni.

Printing with Foods
Make prints with potatoes, noodles cabbage, lemons, apples, celery, cereal, carrots, peppers, or limes.

Sewing Fun
Create food shaped sewing cards buy punching holes into the edges of tag board that is cut into the food shape. The children can loop yarn in and out of the holes. 

Field Trip Ideas
Grocery Store
Fruit Market
Meat Market
Fruit or Veggie Stand
Pizza Parlor
Ice Cream Store
Canning Factory
Fields (strawberries, melons, corn etc)
School Kitchen
Food Processing Plant

Counting Beans
You need: Muffin Tin, beans, Small Tongs Paper, tape, pen 
How to: Number small pieces of paper 1 through 6. Tape these numbers into the bottom of each hole in the muffin tin. Ask your child to place the appropriate number of beans in each hole.

Food Memory
Place four or five different kids of foods on a tray. Let each child look at the tray for ten seconds. Then have the children hide their eyes and remove one of the items. See if they can guess which item you removed. 

Food Memory 2
Place four or five different kids of foods on a tray. Let each child look at the tray for ten seconds. Place a sheet over the tray and have the children remember which foods were on the tray. As each one is called, pull it off the tray and show it to the group.

Sorting Foods
Cut out pictures of various food items from a food ad and glue them onto index cards. Have the children sort the foods based on their color, fruits vs. veggies, foods they like vs. dislike or whatever criteria they want to use. 

Cooking Utensils
Children can use cooking utensils in the water table, with sand, rice or beans. They can use them to paint with or make prints. They can be banged on the table or pots to make different sounds.

Place measuring cups in your sand and water table. Have children measure out the sand, water, beans or rice. 

Make fresh juice
Use a hand juicer to make fresh lemonade or orange juice.

Make a smoothie
Have children select fruit to mix in a blender with ice, milk and ice cream to make a smoothie.

To develop fine motor skills let children dip their fruits and veggies into a variety of different dips. 

To develop fine motor skills, children can spread peanut butter on crackers, or soft butter on bread.

Rolling pin
Let the children use a rolling pin on a piece of dough for cookies or play doh.

What scent is it? 
Gather four or different foods with different scents. Blindfold the child, then place the object close the child's nose, and ask the child to smell it and try to identify what it is.

What scent is it?
Obtain many film or prescription bottles. (Both are great items to get from parents.) Place a small amount of each different kind of food in the container. Let the children smell each container and guess what the scent is. 
Suggestions for scents:
Cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, chocolate, mint, orange, garlic, coffee, tea, vinegar, butterscotch.

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