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Balloon Preschool Lesson Plans


Balloon Prints
Click here to see an example of this artwork
In a pie tin, place 3 to 5 teaspoon sized portions of different colored tempera paint evenly spaced about the area. Inflate a small balloon to a size which will easily fit in the palm of your child's hand. Show your child how to "dip" the balloon in the paint and press firmly onto a piece of paper. Let your child mix the colors, or use one color at a time. This is messy, but the results are wonderful.

Fingerprint Balloons
Put a small amount of tempera paint in a small shallow container. (The metal lid of a juice bottle works well) Show your child how to dip his/her finger in the paint and make a fingerprint on a piece of paper. (Alternative: Use a non-toxic ink pad) have your child make several fingerprints in several different colors. After the paint dries, have your child draw strings on the fingerprints as if they were balloons. (Alternative: glue on string or yarn.)

Balloon Paper
Cut out a balloon shape from a big piece of paper. Have your child decorate the balloon. When the art is dry... attach a piece of yarn for the string. 

Balloon Faces
Blow up a balloons for each child. Allow the children to draw faces on the balloons with permanent markers. Be very careful with permanent markers, as they stain clothing. 

String Balloons
Blow up a small balloon. Have the children dip string into glue, and place onto the balloon. Make sure there are no big holes. After the glue dries pop the balloon. Tie on a dry piece of string to hang from the ceiling. 

Plunger Balloons
Obtain a new plunger. Supply your child with a little tempera paint. Allow your child to dip the plunger in the paint and then press onto a piece of paper to make a print. Then glue on strings as if the circle shapes were balloons. 

Paper Plate Balloons
Allow your child to decorate a paper plate as they wish. Then glue on a string to make a balloon. 

Balloon Necklace:
Cut out balloons shapes from construction paper and punch a hole in the balloon. Have the children thread one or many balloon shapes onto a piece of yarn to make a necklace.

Sponge Print Balloons
Supply the children with a circle sponge and ample paint and paper. Have the child make circle prints with the sponge, then after the paint is dry have the child glue on yarn to create balloons.

Games, Science and Math:

Balloon Power
Materials needed:
20 to 30 small balloons
A Large garbage bag 
Fully inflate a small balloon. Ask your child what will happen if he/she sits on it. Let your child try it. If it doesn't pop have your child jump on the balloon to pop it. Inflate enough of the small balloons to fill the garbage bag. Seal the bag and have your child sit or even jump on the bag. You may want try Jet Balloons and Singing Balloons (listed below) while inflating the balloons for this activity. 

Jet Balloons
Inflate a balloon. Ask your child, "What will happen if I let go?" Let go!!! 

Singing Balloons
Inflate a balloon. Stretch the neck of the balloon so the air escapes slowly causing the balloon to "sing" or vibrate. 

Balloon tap
Count how many times you and your child can tap a balloon before it touches the ground. If you have a stopwatch, time yourselves to see how long you can keep the balloon in the air. 

Balloon Sort
Have your child sort inflated balloons by color or size. Have your child count the balloons.

Static Balloons
Learn about static electricity by rubbing a balloons on a child's head, then stick it onto the wall. Children think this is the best game, because they can do it themselves too. 

Square Balloons
Fill a balloon half full with water. Place the balloon in a square container, then place in the freezer. When frozen take out of the freezer. Show the children what you have done. Ask them what will happen when the ice melts. Find out. 

Balloon Sorting
Supply your child with many different colored balloons. Have your child sort the balloons according to the color. 

Balloon Color Chart
Make a chart that has a column for each color of balloon that you have. Give each child two or three balloons. Have one child at a time add their balloons to the chart according to color. Then after all the balloons are taped to the chart... count each column. How many red balloons are there? And so on. 

Confetti Balloons:
For older children only.. with close adult supervision!!!! Fill a balloon for each child with some confetti and blow it up. Allow each child to pop a balloon! BANG!!!! 

Balloon Bean Bag Game:
Cut out three balloon shapes from a piece of cardboard. Paint around the shapes with three different colors and glue on three pieces of yarn for balloon strings. When dry, prop up the cardboard and have the children play bean bag toss, trying to get the bean bags in the balloon holes.

Group Time:

Ten Little Balloons
sung to Ten little Indians
One little, two little, three little balloons,
Four little, five little, six little balloons,
Seven little, eight little, nine little balloons,
Floating in the Air 

A Few Books
Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery 
Emily's Balloon
Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon
You Can't Take a Balloon into the National Gallery
You Can't Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum
A Balloon for Grandad
The Blue Balloon 
Gracie's Pink Balloon 

Balloons Snacks
For a snack use any of the following for the balloon:
Sliced Bananas
Sliced Oranges
Sliced Cucumbers
Sliced Egg
Round Crackers
And use cheese spread in a can for the string. 

Balloon Safety
Talk about balloon safety with your child. Tell then that it is not safe to place a balloon in your mouth. Tell the children what they should do if a balloon breaks, and other rules for balloon play.

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