1. Bring in your bikes inside and had the children ride them on the tile.
  2. Place hula hoops or use laminate shapes on the floor (you can use contact paper to secure them) and have the children hop from one to the next.
  3. Tape down a piece of yarn all over the room and have the children walk on it like a tight rope obstacle course.
  4. Use a fan and a large bubble maker to blow tons of bubbles.
  5. Have the children pretend to be different things, like a car, train, cat, dog etc.
  6. Have the children play with a beach ball while they crab walk... they sit on the floor with with hands and feet on the floor then lift their bottom off the floor. It takes some practice. They can only kick the beach ball.
  7. Have your child toss bean bags into a box or laundry basket. You can use masking tape to mark where the child should stand.
  8. Play marching music and have the children march around the classroom.
  9. Play the "Bunny Hop" and have them dance until they hear the "bump bump bump" that is when they hop.
  10. Play the "Hokey Pokey"
  11. If you have a parachute, use it. You can place very soft stuffed animals on it (with no plastic pieces), beanie babies work well.
  12. Musical Chairs: Arrange the chairs in a circle. It is best to have too many chairs. This can be a game where everyone wins because everyone finds a chair. This also eliminates the running. During the song you can have the children pretend to be different things, like a car, train, cat, dog etc.
  13. Musical Shapes: Same as above, but you would have precut shapes laminated and use contact paper to attach to the floor.
  14. mother may I take three little steps forward?
  15. Have the children pretend to be cats... hang a piece of string from the ceiling... just out of the childrens reach, and have the children bat at the string. Make sure they do not grab it. It is best not to secure it firmly, in case they do grab it.
  16. Have the children juggle with one bean bag. (throw up and catch) If they master that.. see if they can do two.
  17. Obtain 10 half gallon milk cartons, or 2 liter bottles. Fill the bottles about 1/8 full with water and seal the lid. Then, decorate the bottles like bears, adding construction paper ears, and use permanent markers for the eyes and nose. Set the bottles up like they were bowling pins and have the children roll a ball to try to knock them over. If they don't knock over easily, remove some of the water.
  18. Play hot potato... have the children sit in a circle and pass stuffed bear around the circle when music is playing, when the music stops the child holding the "potato" sits in the middle or the "pot" until the music stops again and the next child replaces the first. You may also chant "Hot Potato, Hot Potato, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10" and the child who has the potato on 10 is in the "pot."
  19. All Aboard the Color Train: Cut out many "tickets" from different colors of construction paper. Give each child three or four tickets. Tell the children that you are the conductor of a Color Train and they can ride the train if they have a ticket that matches the color you call. Set up chairs or have the children line up to march around the room. Announce "All aboard the Red Train" or the color of your choice. Have the children give you their ticket and have them march around the room. After a minute, announce a new color. Variations: use numbers, letters or shapes instead of colors. Also you could laminate the tickets and have them wear them around their neck.
  20. Clickety Clack Have the children spread out around the room. Pick one child to be the engine of the train. Give each child a ticket with a number on it. The ticket should be large enough so the number can be clearly seen. Have the child who is the engine pick up the passengers in order. For younger children, just have them pick up the passengers, or have them use color tickets, pick up the red, then orange and so on.
  21. Train Movement Divide your class into three groups. Have each group form a train. Instruct the children to move around the class and remain connected (hands on the shoulders on the person in front of them). Every minute or two switch engines.
  22. Whistle Game Have all the children line up and make a train. Instruct the children that one short whistle means stop and two short whistles means go slowly. If they do well with the two signals add more, three whistles mean back up, 1 long whistle, stop and turn around etc.
  23. Bear Foot Prints Make bear foot prints from construction paper. Laminate them. Place them on the floor for the children to follow.
  24. Have an umbrella day where you ask parents to bring in umbrellas on a light rainy day and go for a short walk on your playground in the rain.
  25. Build a blanket fort.
  26. Have an indoor obstacle course.
  27. Have the children pretend to be turtles by crawling on their hands and knees.
Recomended Cd's for great movement:
Hot Hot Hot Dance Songs
Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp -with book
Radio Disney: Move It [ENHANCED] - a lot of great dance music
Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's a Wiggly Party ~ The Wiggles

I love The Wiggles The Backyardigans Hi-5