Monday, September 11, 2017

What To Do When Your Child Wants to Quit Homeschool

Your child has told you they no longer want to homeschool. Maybe this is a new revelation. They're growing older and want to go to school with their friends. Maybe you're just starting out, and they've been resistant from the beginning.

What To Do When Your Child Wants to Quit Homeschool

When you've invested so much in your child's homeschool education, it can be frustrating when they are resistant to continue. However, these tips will help you work through any challenges and figure out what to do when your child wants to go to school.

Stay calm

Instead of becoming defensive or telling your child that public or private school is not an option, remain calm and take some time to talk about why they're feeling the way they are. Validate their feelings by repeating their thoughts back to them. ("I understand you are feeling. . .") Don't make it about you; make it about your child.

Talk about the reasons you chose to homeschool

Families choose homeschooling for a variety of reasons. Whether your reasons were for religious, academic, medical, scheduling, or social concerns, talk to your child about what drew you to homeschooling in the first place. Help them understand why you believe this was the right choice for them and your family. Allow them to state their concerns and opinions, but tell them that you also have uninterrupted time to explain your reasoning.

Socialize with other homeschool families

If your child is missing his or her friends or kids their own age at school, set up some time to take field trips or meet up with other homeschool families. Giving them a tie back to their age group can be an important link to their community even if the students they meet up with are not in school. If your area does not have a lot of families that homeschool, consider enrolling your child in a local sport or club to increase their interactions with peers.

Homeschooling is an important decision for families. Make sure your child is a part of that decision as much as possible. Talking through their fears and frustrations of homeschooling can help you make decisions regarding what to do when your child wants to go to school

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