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Trains Preschool Lesson Plans


Train Cars:
Give each child a small rectangle shape to decorate as they wish. Ie with crayons, markers, paint, glitter, string etc. After each child is done, add two wheels and display the papers as if each were a box car on a train, add an engine and caboose.

Train Whistles:
Supply each child with an empty plastic soda bottle. Invite the children to decorate the bottle however they wish. With stickers or glue on paper etc. To make the whistle sound, blow across the bottle's opening. Have the children blow all at once and pretend to be a train.

Train Shapes
Supply the children with many different shapes. Show them how to make a train from their shapes.


Balloon Powered Train/Car:
You will need scissors, tape, a straw and a round balloon. Cut off the lip of the balloon. Cut the straw in half. Stick the straw into the balloon and tape it in place, be sure to make a tight seal. Tape the straw to the top of a car or train so the straw is off the end. blow up the balloon through the straw and seal the balloon by pinching the straw. Set the car down on a smooth surface and let it go.

All Aboard the Color Train:
Cut out many "tickets" from different colors of construction paper. Give each child three or four tickets. Tell the children that you are the conductor of a Color Train and they can ride the train if they have a ticket that matches the color you call. Set up chairs or have the children line up to march around the room. Announce "All aboard the Red Train" or the color of your choice. Have the children give you their ticket and have them march around the room. After a minute, announce a new color. Variations: use numbers, letters or shapes instead of colors.

Clickety Clack
Have the children spread out around the room. Pick one child to be the engine of the train. Give each child a ticket with a number on it. The ticket should be large enough so the number can be clearly seen. Have the child who is the engine pick up the passengers in order. For younger children, just have them pick up the passengers, or have them use color tickets, pick up the red, then orange and so on.

Train Movement
Divide your class into three groups. Have each group form a train. Instruct the children to move around the class and remain connected (hands on the shoulders on the person in front of them). Every minute or two switch engines.

Whistle Game
Have all the children line up and make a train. Instruct the children that one short whistle means stop and two short whistles means go slowly. If they do well with the two signals add more, three whistles mean back up, 1 long whistle, stop and turn around etc.

Train Sort
Set up a few boxes to make them look like train cars. Supply the children with different things (cargo) to sort into the boxes. Ask them to sort by color, shape, texture etc. Or let them sort and tell you how they chose to sort the items.

Number Train
Cut out a train engine and 5 box car shapes from construction paper. (You may choose to laminate them to make them last longer. Number the cars from 1 to 5, then ask the children to line the cars up in order.

How Far will it Go
Place a train at the top of a ramp and ask the children how far it will go. Record their answers with making tape with each child's name on it. If you do this on carpet first switch to a smooth surface and try it and vice versa. Try a different train or a car.

Box Car Train
Connect three or four boxes together to form a train for the children to play in. Decorate the boxes like a train.

Teddy Bear Train
Obtain a box that the teddy bear will fit into. Have the child decorate as desired. When dry, poke a hole big enough to thread a piece of yarn through. Tie a piece of yarn, just long enough for the child to hold, while the box rests on the floor. Let the child pull the train around with their Teddy Bear.


Spread peanut butter on a graham cracker, add two banana slices for wheels and a triangular piece of cheese for the front of the engine. Use a small cracker for the smoke stack and away we go....

Bread Engines
Cut a bread square into two rectangles. Put one of the rectangles on a piece of foil and cut the other into two squares. Put on of the squares above the rectangle to make a cab for the engine and cut the other square into two triangles. Put one triangle above the cab and the other in front of the engine. Spread the train with tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese and add sliced tomatoes for the wheels. Bake for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.

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