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The Letter "Z" Preschool Lesson Plans

Zoo Animals 
Ziplock Bags
Zinnia - Flowers
Zip Code

Zipper Rubbing
Place many different zippers flat on the table. Then place a thin piece of white paper over the zippers. Have the child use the side of the crayon to rub over the zipper.

I know my Zip Code
Have the children memorize their Zip Code.

Giraffe "z"
Click here to see an image of this project
Have the children cut out a yellow or orange "Z". Then have the children glue on brown paper for the spots and add two clothes pins for the legs.

Marble Painting Zebra
Click here to see an image of this project
First you need a large plastic container with a lid. (I used a shallow peanut butter container.) Next cut out paper in the shape of a horse that will fit in the lid of the container. Place a few drops of black paint into the container with a few marbles (be sure to observe carefully as marbles are a choking hazard  then place a very small amount of black paint on the lid and pre-cut paper on the paint. (I use the paint to make the paper stick to the lid.) Place the lid on the container, flip and have the children shake. When finished, remove paper and allow to dry, and place a clean piece of paper in the lid for the next child.

Zebra Stripes
Supply the children with zebra shaped paper and black paint. Tell the children to paint the striped on their zebra.

Zebra stripes II
Supply the children with zebra shaped paper and black paper. Have the children tear thin strips of paper and glue them onto the zebra.

Zoo Animal Picnic
Invite the children to bring their favorite stuffed animal. The animal should be one commonly found in a zoo. Have a picnic on the floor or outside with each child's favorite animal. You can either pretend to eat, or have snack or lunch picnic style.

Zoo Keeper May I?
Played just like Mother May I? The child and parent stand at opposite sides of a room. The child asks if he/she may: take so may step forward. i.e. "Mother may I please take 3 baby steps forward?" the answer would be either, "Yes you may," or "No, you may not." The child wins when they reach you. Encourage the use of descriptive words, such as little, big, huge, tiny, and giant. You can also play this with a group of children. The winner would be the one who reaches you first.

Zoo Keeper Says:
Played just like "Simon Say" except the teacher says "Zoo Keeper Says." With younger children, do not make children sit out... just say "Zoo Keeper didn't say."

Ziploc Baggie Colors
Place a small amount of tempera paint into a Ziploc bag, then add another color. Seal the bag and have the child mix the colors in the bag.

Zig Zag scissors
The children can use zig zag scissors to cut paper, then decorate the paper or cut strips to glue to another sheet of paper.

Musical Zoo
Cut out animal shapes from colored paper. Laminate them and cut them out. Place them on the floor. It is best for younger children to have more animals than children. Play music and have the children walk around the room. When the music stops, each child needs to find an animal to stand on.

Zoo Animal Day
Invite each child to bring in a stuffed animal.

Smaller Zoo
You can use strawberry baskets and plastic animals for a smaller version of a zoo.

Zoo Animals Charades
Have the children act out certain animals or play charades.

Zoo Song
By chicky, sung to Mary Had a Little Lamb
I went to the zoo one day,
zoo one day, zoo one day
I went to the zoo one day
And I saw a (fill in the blank.)

Another Zoo Song
by chicky, sung to Frere Jacques
Lions, tigers,
Monkeys, bears,
At the Zoo
In my view
See the birds are soaring
Hear the lions roaring
at the zoo
Me and you.

Zebra Bowling
Obtain 10 half gallon milk cartons, or 2 liter bottles. Fill the bottles about 1/8 full with water and seal the lid. Then, decorate the bottles like the pattern of a zebra. Set the bottles up like they were bowling pins and have the children roll a ball to try to knock them over. If they don't knock over easily, remove some of the water.

Z Stamps
Let the children use Z stamps or sponges to create an art project.

Z Collage
Have the children cut the letters from magazines and glue them onto a piece of paper.

Z Collage
Cut out many Z shapes from construction paper. Have the children cut Zs of magazines and glue them to the letter.

Decorate a Letterclick here to see an image of this project- image submitted by Julia
Cut a Z shape out of construction paper. Have the children decorate the Z with glitter, paint, markers or other art materials.

Glue Letters
Place glue on a piece of paper in the shape of a Z. Have the children place glitter, colored rice or Kool-Aid on the glue.

Contact Paper Art
click here to see an image of this project
You will need the reverse image of the letter Z. Place the image on the table and place a piece of contact paper, sticky side up over the image. Supply the children with scraps of construction paper to tissue paper. Children use the scraps to create the image on the contact paper.

Letter Art
Place masking tape on a piece of finger painting paper to create the letter Z. Allow the child to paint the picture. After the paint had dried remove the tape.

Cotton Letters
Place glue on a piece of paper in shape of a Z. Have the children place cotton balls on the paper.

Letter Rubbings 
Cut the letter Z from paper doilies or sandpaper. Tape these letters to the table. Have the children place a piece of thin white paper over the letters and rub a crayon over the letter.


Alphabet Pretzels
Make your own pretzels and shape them like Zs.

Alphabet rolls
Shape roll or biscuits into the letter Z before baking.

Alphabet Cookies
Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe to make the dough. Use a Z shaped cookie cutter, bake. When cool decorate as desired.

Fried Zucchini or Zucchini Bread

Zulu Cradle-Song

Zum Gali Gali Gali

Ziploc Ice Cream! 
I love to do this one, and so do my kids. I have done this with toddlers and school agers...
You will need:
- 2 bags of party ice
- 1 gallon whole milk (or chocolate milk for chocolate ice cream)
- Ice chest
- 1 box of kosher salt
- Paper cups (a least one for each student, and 1 for each teacher in the building who wants to try it)
- 1 lb. Sugar
- 1 gal. Ziploc bags (2 for each pair of students)
- vanilla extract
- Plastic spoons
- 1 quart Ziploc bags (1 for each pair of students)
- paper towels
- Measuring cups, teaspoons and tablespoons

- Combine 2 tablespoons sugar with a few drops of extract and 1 cup (8 oz) of milk in a small Ziploc bag (quart size) and zip it up. This is the small bag!!!
- Add 2 cups of ice and 1/2 cup of rock salt in a gallon Ziploc bag. Place this bag into another Ziploc bag to reduce leakage. This is the large bag!!!!
- Place the sealed small bag into the large bag and seal the large bag.
- Have the children pair off, and have each partner hold one end of the large bag and shake it until the ice cream is firm.
- After the ice cream is firm, supply the children with cups and spoons so they may pour the ice cream into the cups and try it.

Ziploc Seeds
Place many bean seeds in a wet paper towel in a Ziploc bag. Place the bag in the sun and observe observe a couple of weeks.

Ziploc Animal Fat
Click here to see an image of this project
You will need two identical Ziploc bags. Place shortening inside one of the bags, then turn the second bag inside out and place inside the first bag. Seal the first and second bags together. Spread the shortening out inside the bags so that it forms an even layer. Next, fill a container with ice cold water. Have a child put one hand in the bag, then in the water, and their other hand in the water. Can they feel the difference. The fat will protect their hand from the cold water.

Make a zipper board where children can practice their zipper skills. Affix different zippers to fabric, then attach the fabric to a sturdy cardboard or particle board.

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