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Police Officer Preschool Lesson Plans

Key Concepts
Stranger Danger
Conflict resolution
Being Lost
The Role of a Police Officer
Following Rules

Stranger Danger
Talk about strangers with your child. Who is a stranger. Show pictures of many different people. Are they strangers?

Barney's Stranger Song
Featured on Barney's Favorites, Vol. 1

Bike and Pedestrian Safety
Talk with the children about crossing the street. You need to look both ways, follow traffic signals and look for the white lines to walk between.

Pedestrian Walk
Place masking tape on the floor, to represent a cross walk. The children can walk between the lines or roll play.

Dramatic Play
Provide the children with a paper stop sign, and bright orange crossing guard shirt. Let the children take turns pretending to be a crossing guard.

Block Play
Provide the children with bikes, cars, and people in the block area. Encourage the children to create a neighborhood, and follow the safety rules.

Stop Signs
Cut out hexagon shapes from white paper. Have the children color or paint them red. Then write the word "stop" and glue a Popsicle stick to the paper to create a stop sign.

Police Car Art
Click here for a picture
In a pie tin, place 3 to 5 teaspoon sized portions of different colored tempera paint evenly spaced about the area. Supply the children with washable toy cars that have wheels that roll. Have the children dip the wheels in the paint and roll across the paper.

Conflict Resolution
One of my very good friends has taught her daughter this method of conflict resolution.
There is a three step process for dealing with conflict,
1. Tell the person how you feel.
2. If you can, walk away.
3. Tell a grown up.
This is a great method for your preschoolers to follow when dealing with other preschool children. You should first introduce the method, role play and practice. If a child comes to you to tattle, ask them "Did you tell Suzy how you feel?" "No? Why don't you try that first."

Why do we have rules? Ask the children. What are some of the rules that we follow in the classroom. You may even record their answers on paper.
Play a game with rules. Talk about how the rules make the game fair.

Fingerprint Art
Talk about how each fingerprint is different. Supply each child with a piece of white paper and different colored non-toxic stamp pads. Show the child how to make fingerprints on the paper, using only one finger at a time.

Examine Fingerprints
Supply each child with two pieces of small white paper and a single colored non-toxic stamp pads. Have each child make one fingerprint on each of the two pieces of paper. Write the child's name on the front of one (#1) and the back of the other (#2). Start with a pair of fingerprints (#1 and #2 that match), and an extra #1. Have the child try to figure which of the two #1's the #2 matches. Then add more #1's to choose from.

Police Badges
Supply the children with tag board in the shape of a badge. Have them wrap tin foil around the badge to make a police badge.

Police Badges II
Most police stations have badge stickers for the children. Supply the children with a badge to wear.

I Know Board
Have the children recite their full name, their parents/guardians names, their phone number and their address. Title the bulletin board "I know my....", you will have 4 separate lists "my full name", "my address", "my phone number", and "my parent/guardian's name". When the child can recite one of the following correctly, place their name on the board under the correct category.

Dramatic Play
Supply the children with police hats, coats, etc so they can pretend to be police officers.

Lacing Cards
Cut colored poster board into badge shapes and punch holes around the edges. Then let your child lace yarn or a shoestring into the cards.

Police Officer May I?
Played just like Mother May I? The child and parent stand at opposite sides of a room. The child asks if he/she may: take so may step forward. i.e. "Mother may I Please take three baby steps forward?" the answer would be either, "Yes you may," or "No, you may not." The child wins when they reach you. Encourage the use of descriptive words, such as little, big, huge, tiny, and giant. You can also play this with a group of children. The winner would be the one who reaches you first.

Police Officer Says:
Played just like "Simon Say" except the teacher says "Police Officer Says." With younger children, do not make children sit out... just say "Police Officer didn't say."

Footprint Fun
Cut out large foot prints shapes from colored paper. Laminate them and cut them out. Place them on the floor for the children to follow.

Hide and Seek
Have all the children hide their eyes while you "hide" a toy in the room. (It should be placed in plain view) Tell the children to find the toy, but not touch it. Once they spot it they should sit back down in their spot. The first one to sit down again will get to hide the toy.

Hide and Seek II
Play the game the same as above, except hide the toy. Then tell the children individually whether they are "hot" or "cold" to the relation of the toy. Allow the other children to have a change to hide the toy, and tell children whether they are "hot or cold". It may be a good idea to discuss the meaning of hot and cold before you play this game.

Play "Who stole the Cookie?"
Class: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Teacher: (Ann) stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Ann: Who me?
Class: Yes you!
Ann: Couldn't be!
Class: Then who?
Ann: (Tommy) stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Tommy: Who me?
Class: Yes you!
Tommy: Couldn't be!
Class: Then who?

Police Field Trip
Have a police officer visit your classroom or visit a police station.
Have a crossing guard or security guard visit your school.
Have a safety patrol from a local school visit your school. 

Read " The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers"
I really like this story and the way it relates to strangers as bad apples, and you can't tell from the outside if a person is good on the inside. Be sure to go over the rules on the last page of the book. 

Read " The Berenstain Bears And the Missing Honey"
A great book that walks the children through solving a mystery.

Read " Just Lost"
Little Critter gets lost in the mall. Talk about what the children should do if they are lost.

I spy a Sign Game
Show the children a variety of different signs. Then give clues.. like "I spy a sign with a that is a rectangle." Keep giving clues until the children can tell you which sign you have chosen.

Sign match game:
Obtain pictures of the signs. Make two color copies of each (they need to be about the same size) Then glue each sign to an index card and play memory

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