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Noodle Preschool Lesson Plans

colored noodlesNoodle Coloring
To color noodles or rice for art and other projects, use 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol for every cup of noodles. Add 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol to a 16 oz cup. Add a few drops of food coloring to the alcohol (about 10 will do, depending on how bright you want the noodles or rice). Place one cup of uncooked noodles or rice into the mixture and make sure it is fully coated. Spoon the noodles or rice onto a paper towel on a counter or table to dry. After dry, the children can use for projects. Repeat with other colors.

Noodle Measuring
Place a good amount of different kinds of noodles into a dish pan. You can add food coloring to dry uncooked noodles to color them. Provide different containers and cups for your child to place the noodles in, small and large. Let them experiment on their own, and with you. Let them pour the noodles from one container to the other. Which container holds the most noodles, or the least?

noodle sortNoodle Sort
Let your child sort noodles by type and color. (see above for coloring) 

Rainbow Noodles
Cook spaghetti noodles, drain and cool. Fill a gallon Ziploc bag one quarter of the way with water. Add food coloring to the water. Add part of cooked spaghetti and mix around in the Ziploc bag until noodles change color. Drain and repeat with other colors. Place the noodles in separate bowls. 
Children can take one noodle from each color to create a rainbow on a plate for a snack.
Children can take one noodle from each color, dip it in glue and place it on a piece of paper to create a rainbow.


Math Center
Place the numbers one through six on six small post it papers. Place these papers in the bottom of each muffin tin hole. Have the children place one object in the one space and two in the two and so on. Ideas for objects: noodles, nuts, nickels.

Noodle Math
For this activity you will need standard playing cards in one suit 2 through 6 and small macaroni noodles. Have the children place one noodle on each of the shapes on the middle of the card. So, two noodles on the 2 and three on the 3 and so on. 

ninety noodle jar

ninety-nine noodle jar

Ninety JarsHow much is ninety? Count out ninety noodles and place them in a clear jar. Do the same with other kids of noodles. Display the jars in the science or math area for the children to explore. Alternative Do the same activity with ninety-nine items.

Ninety BottlesPlace ninety penne noodles in an empty, clean, two-liter bottle (remove the label). Seal the top onto the bottle with a hot glue gun. When the glue has dried you can place the bottle in the science or math area. You can also do this with other kinds of noodles. Alternative Do the same activity with ninety-nine items.

estimation noodle jarsNoodle Estimation Jars
You will need 4 clear jar that are the same size. Fill one jar about 1/4 of the way with noodles. Count the noodles as you fill the jar and end on a round number, like 10 or 50. Write the number of noodles on a post it, place the post it on the jar. Fill the second jar about 1/2 way with noodles, again counting and recording and posting on the jar. The third jar should be filled about 3/4 of the way with noodles and again record the number and post it on the jar. The last jar you can fill however you like, place a post it on the jar with a question mark. Allow the children to observe the four jars together and guess how many noodles are in the fourth jar. Record the children's guesses. After everyone has guessed, count the noodles together. Show the children how the number of noodles in the first three jars is related to the fourth jar.

nine noodle NNine Noodle "N"
Have the children glue nine colored penne noodles on a piece of paper to create the capital letter "N".

Noodle "N"
Print up the letter "n" coloring page for each child. Have the child glue colored noodles onto the letter "n"

noodle collageNoodle Art
Supply the children with pasta noodles that have been dyed different colors. Have the children glue the noodles onto a piece of paper. 

noodle necklace
Noodle Necklaces
First color the noodles that you wish to use as directed above. You can use any sort of noodle that can be threaded such as macaroni or penne. Allow the noodles to dry. Next have the children thread the noodles onto a piece of yarn long enough that when tied will easily slip over their head. To make the threading easier, tie one noodle at one end of the yarn, so as the child threads the noodles do not slip off the end. Also you can add a piece of masking tape to the other end to make the actual threading easier. Encourage older children to create a pattern on their necklace.

Noodle Sort
Provide the children with six different kids of noodles. Set the noodles out with a muffin tin and ask the children to sort the noodles by type. 

Noodle Patterning
Ask the children to create a pattern using the noodles, or create a pattern and ask the children what noodle comes next. 

Taste Test
Cook several different types of noodles and have the children try each type. Ask the children to vote on which is their favorite. Graph the results. 

Noodle Recipe
Ask the children how to make their favorite noodle recipe. Write down the recipe. Have the children draw a picture or glue noodles to the paper. This makes a great bulletin board activity.

Noodle Cookbook
Ask the children to tell you how to make their favorite noodle dish. Write down the recipe, then compile the recipes in a book and distribute to the parents. 


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